Kaldnes K1 Filter Media

Kaldnes K1 Filter Media

This uniquely designed media provides amazing water quality and clarity, especially when it has reached full maturity. Kaldnes bio-media is maintenance-free, allowing the biomass to fully mature, which maximizes its effectiveness and creates constant parameters.

Kaldnes K3 media is similar in application to Kaldnes K1 media, in that the constant chaotic movement of the air from your pump causes the media to self-clean and thus requires no maintenance. K3 media is different than K1 media, as it is designed to be used in the retrofitting of existing filters bays as the slightly larger media size allow for easier configuration and control.

For best result, add 25% Bio Chips to the K3 media.

50 Liter bags = 1.77 cubic feet of media

Kaldnes K1 Media - 25 Liters (Box)
$ 101.99
Kaldnes K1 Media - 50 Liters (1.8 Cu Ft)
$ 195.49