Brushes For Bio or Mechanical Filtration

Brushes For Bio or Mechanical Filtration

Brushes For Bio and Mechanical Filtration

As pond water passes through a series of brushes, the bristles filter out suspended soLid, while providing ample surface area where the nitrifying bacteria can colonize and thrive.

Cleaning of the filter brushes is a simple task of removing them from the filter and shaking them out. Remember not to use tap water to rinse them, as this will only serve to reduce or eliminate the beneficial bacteria which is growing on the brush.

Filter brushes are made from the very highest quality polypropylene twisted into two stainless steel wires to form a cylindrical brush with a loop at one end for hanging.

The other end is capped with a plastic knob for safety.

They last indefinitely and are the easiest to use, most efficient and most cost-effective pond filter medium you can buy.

Filter brushes are used in filtration systems in fish farms, hatcheries, public aquaria, domestic fish ponds and research institutes in this country and abroad.

Filter Brush 13-in. x 4-in.
$ 6.00
Filter Brush 23-in. x 4-in.
$ 10.00

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