Koi Nets - Handling - Bowls - Show Tanks

Whether it be for Koi handling, or pond maintenance, we have the professional's choice for Nets and telescopic poles.

A Koi viewing bowl goes hand in hand with the Koi net. We carry various sizes to do the job.

Of course one essential piece of equipment has to be a Net to enable you to catch your Koi, quickly and safely without causing too much stress and damage to the Koi itself ..

Generally, but of course it does depend on the size of your own pond, the largest net head you can manage with is always going to be the best bet .. but it should be stressed that the larger the net head is then the harder it is to move the net through the water - as the larger the net head the larger is the drag on the net.

A note on the handle or pole that is of course, part of the net .. and it is very important that when you do choose a net that you pay attention to the handle .. this has to be strong enough to not only drag the net head through the water, which in its own right, puts tremendous strain on the handle, but it has to be strong enough to hold the Koi safely once you have netted it.

By Selecting the proper Pond Net you can:

  • Safely remove fish for medicating or when cleaning pond.
  • Skim leaves, debris, and uneaten fish food before they sink and start fouling the pond.
  • Strain silt and algae from the sides and top of the pond.
  • Retrieve floating plants for maintenance.
  • Transfer animals (such as frogs, tadpoles, snails, and more) to the desired location.

Do you need a Show Tank?

Even if you never plan to "Show" your fish, it is essential to establish a quarantine system for proper Koi husbandry. The Show Tanks we feature, make an excellent Quarantine tank for treating current stock, or especially when adding new fish to your collection.

Always quarantine new fish. Never introduce them to your existing fish until after a quarantine period of 2 to 3 weeks, longer if possible.

Always treat new fish as if they have parasites, viral, fungal, and or bacterial infections. Better to be safe than sorry.

It is also possible that your existing fish have parasites, viral, fungal and or bacterial infections. They may have built up a tolerance, while the new arrivals having undergone the stress of shipment could succumb immediately.

Koi Nets - Handling - Bowls - Show Tanks

Koi show tanks and nets for the proper handling and quarantining Koi. Save on pond pumps, pond filters, aerators, UV sterilizers, pond liner, pond accessories,