GC Tek Mega 3inch System

GC Tek Mega 3inch System

uses the Floating AlphaBioONE media
23 and 33 cu. ft.
Sometimes Big just isn’t Big enough. That’s when only HUGE will work. Enter
the Megladon 23 or 33 cu. ft. filters.
Made for the larger than conventional ponds.
Equipped with 2—2 HP blowers to make sure all media is thoroughly agitated
23 cu. ft. model is 42” diameter + 24” for multiport valve and 49” tall
Supports up to 1150 lbs of fish
33 cu. ft. model is 48” diameter +24” for multiport valve and 58.5” tall
Supports up to 1650 lbs of fish
Both with 3” multiport valves

While checking out our products be sure and check out our easy to use complete systems, the AquaBead/AlphaONE PLUS System and the like no other Mashimizu PURE WATER System and the complete system made for our Water Gardener friends, the WaterGardener System. These systems are complete with Prefiltration, Pumps, Filters and UV's on one system ready to go.

At Grand Champion Technologies we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products for your pond at the lowest cost backed up by the best warranties in the business.

Mega System 23
$ 8549.95
Mega System 33
$ 9895.95

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