Pondmaster UV Clarifiers

Pondmaster UV Clarifiers

The Pondmaster Submersible UV clarifier is a great solution to green water algae troubles in your back yard pond. This versatile pond UV clarifier can be used both on dry land as well as submerged depending on what your particular pond may require. The internal vortex design also increases the effectiveness of the UV while still allowing the unit to have a slim and sleek silhouette.

Models & Specs:

ModelWattsMax Pond SizeMax GPHOutlet / Inlet
# 02910101,500700.75"
# 02920203,0001,8001"
# 02940406,0002,4001.5"

Pondmaster 10 Watt Clarifier
$ 159.95
Pondmaster 20 Watt Clarifier
$ 189.99
Pondmaster 40 Watt Clarifier
$ 219.99

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