Oase Fountain Pump

Oase Fountain Pump

Fountain pumps--the fountain’s workhorses--are compact in design and powerful in speed, built to optimize any water feature. Our fountain pumps will be the center of any garden fountain, bubbling fountain or stately indoor fountain. They offer variations in speed and volume with minimum power consumption and maintenance. They boast a built-in adjustable flow control dial to fine-tune both flow rate and pumping height. Pumps fit existing fountains and water features and are capable of pumping a significant amount of water. A smaller power cord plug size allows for easier setup with suction cups for better stabilization. The grounding plate provides additional protection and quality. Our pumps are quiet, efficient and promote a peaceful outdoor living space.

  • Energy efficient, low energy consumption
  • Compact design fits most fountains
  • Smaller power cord plug size allows for easier setup
  • Features suction cups on the bottom of the pump for stabilization
  • Ideal for continuous & quiet operation
  • Easy adjustment of the flow rate
Oase Fountain Pump 90 Includes: 2 adapters (3/8” 1/2”)
$ 20.99
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Oase Fountain Pump 150 Includes: 2 adapters (3/8” 1/2”)
$ 22.99
Oase Fountain Pump 320 Includes: 2 adapters (1/2” 3/4”)
$ 35.99
Oase Fountain Pump 525 Includes: 3 adapters (1/2” 5/8” 3/4”)
$ 49.99

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