No-Niche Skimmer

No-Niche Skimmer

Keep Your Pond Water Surface Pristine- Easily retrofit existing pond with this skimmer unit; effectively removes floating leaves from the surface. Has large basket strainer capacity. Float weir allows varied pond water level. 1 1/2" bottom threaded port.

Requires water suction from intake side of a pump to operate.

Minimum flow rate 800 GPH. Maximum flow rate 1500 Skimmer Requires a 1 1/2" minimum side wall or floor port to "tap into" suction side of pump.

A rigid or flexible liner can be retrofitted to use this skimmer by adding a bulkhead fitting to the wall or floor of a pond. For proper positioning in pond, see illustration:

Float ring weir has up to 5 1/2" of vertical travel to allow for water level changes and waves created by waterfall.

Skimmer has a 1 1/2" NPT female thread in the bottom of the skimmer for suction line hook up.

Replacement Basket for No-Niche Skimmer
$ 21.00
No-Niche Skimmer (Black)
$ 98.50

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