Kusuri Fluke-M

Kusuri Fluke-M

Kusuri Fluke-M is a medication against gill and body flukes.

This medication is suitable for eradication of gill and body flukes, and can be used at any temperature. For use with all cold water ornamental fish. This medication can used for treatment against gill flukes, body fluke and intestinal helminths.

Shake contents of sachets well, measure out the correct dose for pond and dissolve in a container with boiling water. Allow the hot mixture to cool before adding slowly to the return of the pond, over a one-hour period.

Fluke-M also dissolves well in Proform-C. Using Proform-C together with the Fluke-M is your best preventive medicine for many common parasites.


  • 1 packet of FlukeM treats 5500 gallons.
  • Dosage reads 11.8 grams per 1000 gallons.
  • 1 level measured teaspoon / 333 gallons.
  • 3 level measured teaspoons per 1000 gallons.
  • 1 level measured tablespoon per 1000 gallons.

Be sure to use true measuring tsp and tbsp. and not household spoons. Treat at least 2 times over a 2 week period.

Mix with Proform-C for best results.

  • Day #1 FlukeM with Proform-C.
  • Day #4 Proform-C only.
  • Day #7 FlukeM with Proform-C.
  • Day #10 Proform-C only.

Kusuri Fluke-M 65 grams includes Priority Mail shipping
$ 49.40
Kusuri Fluke-M X2 130 grams ncludes Priority Mail shipping
$ 89.50