Elbagin Original

Elbagin Original

For many years Elbagin has been a staple medication of Koi breeders, dealers, and hobbyists around the world. Primarily used as a supportive treatment against bacterial conditions and also when moving and handling Koi as a preventative treatment. Japan Pet Design have released a 'new' version of Elbagin called Pafurazine F after the stop production last year.

The product contains essentially the same ingredients as Elbagin. Clinical tests carried out by the National Fisheries University in Japan established it's effectiveness to be the same as the original product.

Antimicrobial for fin rot, bacterial gill disease and general prophylaxis.
Active ingredient: 10% Sodium Nifurstyrenate

Dosage: 1-2 g/100 liter continuous
Dosage: 5-10 g/100 liter for one hour
Dosage: 0.5 g/kg fish per day for 5-10 days in food.

Original Elbagin 50grams
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