Aquadyne Replacement Blowers

Aquadyne Replacement  Blowers

Aquadyne Replacement 1.5hp Blower - Fits Models 4.4C, 8.8C, 16000 & 30000

Genuine Replacement Aquadyne Dynamax Air Assist Blowers

  • 1-1/2hp fits the 2.2BHE, 4.4B and 8.8B
  • Genuine Aquadyne parts
  • Includes power cord
  • May ship direct from the manufacturer
  • This is just the replacement blower. This unit is not for retrofiting models that did not have the blower before.
Aquadyne Replacement Blower 1 HP 115V
$ 265.00
Aquadyne Replacement Blower 1.5HP 115V
$ 285.00
Aquadyne Replacement Blower 1.5 HP 230V
$ 325.00

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AquaDyne 16000 Filter

AquaDyne 16000 Filter

Aquadyne 16000 - Model 4.4C - Filters to 16,000 Gallons The Model AD16,000 - Model 4.4C filtration system includes a 2" High effeciency Control Head with 2" ports in and out, with 3ea. 2" self-sealing unions included. The Model AD16,000 enters the commercial grade market of bead filtration for ponds ...
AquaDyne 2000 Filter

AquaDyne 2000 Filter

Aquadyne 2000 - Model .60B - Filters up to 2000 Gallons Aquadyne 2000 - Model .60B Filtration system is excellently suited to filter ponds and other aquatic habitats up to 2000 gallons. The Model AD2000 comes standard with the Dynamax Air Backwash system that performs just like the larger Aquadyne systems except in ...
AquaDyne 4000 Filter

AquaDyne 4000 Filter

Aquadyne 4000 - Model 1.1B - Filters up to 4000 Gallons The Aquadyne 4000 - Model 1.1B filtration system is the most efficient and most maintenance free system ever introduced to the industry in such a small package. Just check the performance data list in this listing. The AD4000 can also be used with submersible ...
AquaDyne 8000HE Filter

AquaDyne 8000HE Filter

Aquadyne Filter Model 8000HE - Model 2.2BHE - Filter up to 8000 Gallons The Model AD8000BHE - Model 2.2BHE filtration system includes a 2" High Efficiency Control Head with 2" plumbing in and out. This is the same control head and column as used in the Model 16000. The only difference is that the column i ...
Aquadyne Plug and Play  Filters

Aquadyne Plug and Play Filters

Aquadyne Plug & Play Filtration Systems Aquadyne Plug & Play Systems are Available in all Aquadyne Models: AD2000 /.60B AD4000 / 1.1B AD8000 / 2.2B AD8000HE / 2.2BHE ...

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