AquaForte UltraSieve Midi

AquaForte UltraSieve Midi

The smaller version of the successful UltraSieve III is here!

The perfect solution for pump capacities up to ±12m³/h. The most ideal pre-filter! Create a compact filter system by combining the UltraSieve MIDI with a beadfilter or other pump fed filters. The pump connection comes with a long suction pipe which draws the water from under the float to prevent air suction.

  • 110mm inlet
  • Patented flow regulation
  • Strong polypropylene house
  • Improved edges around sieve
  • 3300 gph max flow rate
  • Waste outlet, 2” male threaded
  • Very compact size (L x W x H) 27 x 56 x 74cm
  • Screen 300 micron
  • Optional lid available
  • Pump outlet 2” male threaded, incl. 2” solvent fitting

Cover For AquaForte UltraSieve Midi
$ 78.00
AquaForte UltraSieve Midi - up to 7000 gallon
$ 2085.00

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