Sequence 4000 Series Pumps

Sequence 4000 Series Pumps

Introducing the NEW Sequence® 4000. The new expansive design will meet today’s increased market demand for performance on all levels. Every Sequence® 4000 model is supplied complete with 2” FNPT and buttress thread ports and unions for ease of use. 5 year limited warranty. Made in USA. Supplied with an 8-foot, 115V cordset. Sequence® pumps are the leader in high efficiency and performance. Sequence® is the name you can trust to provide the lowest cost of ownership. Their longevity is legendary. If overall value is the benchmark, Sequence® products are the standard.

External end-suction centrifugal pumps for water features, garden ponds, and Koi fish ponds.

Sequence® pumps can serve a wide variety of water transfer and re-circulation applications. They are designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of flows and pressures. In larger systems, you can use two or more Sequence® pumps in parallel to multiply your flow. They can also be customized for saltwater use.

Sequence® pumps installed near areas of relaxation and entertainment generate minimal noise levels

Model #WattsFlow
3600SEQ202073600 GPH
5000SEQ172625000 GPH
5800SEQ182905800 GPH
6800SEQ213566800 GPH
8200SEQ224458200 GPH

Sequence 4000 Series 3600GPH Pump
$ 752.25
Sequence 4000 Series 5000GPH Pump
$ 785.40
Sequence 4000 Series 5800GPH Pump
$ 821.95
Sequence 4000 Series 6800GPH Pump
$ 935.00
Sequence 4000 Series 8200GPH Pump
$ 952.85

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