Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer

Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer
  • The Perfect Climate Electric Pond De-icer is the first pond de-icer designed with all ponds in mind; both small and large. Protect your fish from toxic gas buildup under the surface of your frozen pond with this floating pond de-icer. The Perfect Climate Pond De-icer is designed to keep a small area of open water in winter ponds. The electric pond de-icer is thermostatically controlled and all heating elements are enclosed so they will not harm or burn your pond liner.

    Perfect Climate Electric Pond De-icer has a detachable float that will keep the de-icer on the surface of the water. This will help protect your fish from toxic gas buildup by maintaining a hole in the surface ice for proper gas exchange.

    All-in-One Design

  • Safe for all ponds
  • Can operate while floating or submerged
  • Pond De-Icers include

    • Which De-Icer should I use? You can save money and energy by buying a de-icer suited to your local climate. All you need to know is your temperature zone and how many gallons your pond holds. If you are not sure what your pond volume is, use our pond and liner size calculator.

      Avg. Annual Low0-100 Gallons100-400 Gallons400-750 Gallons750-1000 Gallons1000-1200 Gallons
      Zone 3
      (-30° F to -40° F)
      250 watt750 watt750 watt1500 watt1500 watt
      Zone 4
      (-20° F to -30° F)
      250 watt750 watt1500 watt1500 watt1500 watt
      Zone 5
      (-10° F to -20° F)
      250 watt250 watt750 watt750 watt1500 watt
      Zone 6
      (0° F to -10° F)
      250 watt250 watt250 watt750 watt750 watt
      Zone 7
      (10° F to 0° F)
      250 watt250 watt250 watt250 watt750 watt
      Zone 8
      (20° F to 10° F)
      250 watt250 watt250 watt250 watt750 watt

      Watts: 250
      Cord Length: 12'
      Dimensions 6 1/2" Diameter x 4 1/2" H
      Warranty: 2 Years
    • 12 foot cord
  • Removable floater ring
  • Make Cents

  • No Expensive case guard needed
  • A floating pond de-icer to suit every customer
  • Electrical savings
  • Two year warranty
Pond Deicer - 250 Watt Deluxe Model
$ 54.50
Pond Deicer 750 Watt Deluxe Model
$ 58.50
Pond Deicer - 1500 Watt Deluxe Model
$ 64.50

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