Periha MB Air Pumps

Periha MB Air Pumps

Periha Air Pumps Advantages

Product life is longer than conventional products
6 noise-resistant layers help minimize sound according to international standards
Low power consumption, large air supply, good pressure boost for many different size ponds or tanks.

How to use Periha MB effervescent machine effectively

Using the air-powered machine with a capacity suitable for the split head and sparkling disk size to make the system work effectively.
Allow the aerator to be higher than the water level to prevent backflow of water into the machine.
The air pump can withstand rain but cannot withstand flooding, in the best case you should leave it in a dry, covered place.
Regular cleaning of effervescent discs to ensure airflow and equipment life.
Disconnect the device before performing underwater operations.

6 Month Warranty

MB-4000:206.5*148.5*158.5mm (8.1"x5.8"x6.2")

MB-8000:248*180*185mm (9.8"x7.1"x7.3")

MB-12000:271*199*202mm (10.7"x7.8"x8")

MB-18000:320*236*230mm (12.6"x9.3"x9.1")

Periha MB-4000 Air Pump
$ 79.50
Periha MB-8000 Air Pump
$ 109.00
Periha MB-12000 Air Pump
$ 149.00
Periha MB-18000 Air Pump
$ 179.00

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