JPD Pafurazine F ( Elbagin )

JPD Pafurazine F ( Elbagin )

For many years Elbagin has been a staple medication of Koi breeders, dealers and hobbyists around the world. Used in a number of ways, primarily as a supportive treatment against bacterial problems, and also when moving and handling Koi as a preventative treatment. However, last year production and distribution of Elbagin stopped. Japan Pet Design have released a 'new' version of Elbagin called Pafurazine F.

The product contains essentially the same ingredients as Elbagin. Clinical tests carried out by the National Fisheries University in Japan established its effectiveness to be the same as the original product.

PAFURAZINE F (YELLOW POWDER TYPE) 100g This product is the antibacterial agent which active element is Sodium nifrustyrenate of synthetic antimicrobial of Nifrustyrenate series. Sodium nifrustyrenate has the antibacterial spectrum for Aeromonas of gram-negative bacteria and Columnaris of Cytophaga. [Component and Quantity] This product includes 100mg of Sodium nifrustyrenate per 1g. When dissolving by water, the water solution color becomes yellow. [Potency and Effect] Mortality reduction of the fishes described as follows resulting from sodium nifrustyrenate sensitive bacteria. *Ornamental Koi, Cruciam carp. Gold Fish :: Aeromonas infection (Ulcer disease, Dropsy) :: Columnaris disease (Branchi, Fin, tail and mouth rot disease) *Freshwater Tropical Fish :: Columnaris disease

The instructions on the package are in Japanese. See English instructions below.

JPD Yellow Powder Pafurazine F ( Elbagin ) 100G
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